Le Coffret - storia


History of the house.

From the outside it is a perfect example of the typical Aosta Valley architecture; inside it is an absolute pleasure for all senses.
After four years of passionate and excellent restoration, this house of year 1779 has come back to life, maintaining its typical atmosphere, which perfectly lives together with the most sophisticated contemporary comforts.
Entering Le Coffret is like leaving for a trip through time, where the warmth of typical Aosta Valley architecture comes alongside with the pleasure of a contemporary hospitality.
The project has been conceived completely respecting the authentic style: this way stone walls, wooden beams and antique furniture appear to guests and to beauty lovers.
It is the warmth of mountain raised to design: it is the pleasure of staying at Le Coffret.


Why Le Coffret?

The choice of the name Le Coffret is a tribute to our grandfather Gino, who was a wood carver, following the great Aosta Valley handicraft tradition. Among the works he used to display at Saint Ours fair, jewel-cases (coffret) were the most popular and appreciated. So we decided to name Le coffret the house he was living in, where he used to craft his works and where we grandchildren met him and loved him.

Le Coffret Saint Marcel paese

The village

Le Coffret is in the historical centre of Jayer, hamlet of Saint-Marcel, in the heart of Aosta Valley.

Just a few minutes away from Aosta and from Aosta Valley highway, you can find the quietness of a typical alpine village, in a valley where in the summer you go for wonderful and relaxing walks in the nature and in winter for breath-taking ski touring trips and unforgettable snowshoe rides.